Snoopy Flea Market Finds

It’s an overcast and slightly cold fall day in September for the last Wisconsin flea market of the season. It had rained earlier, and the threat of rain loomed over the flea market. Luckily, it never rained more than a light drizzle again, but the ground was sodden and muddy making it precarious to traverse some booths. Waterproof hiking boots are a good footwear choice! Find out the whole story behind my Snoopy Flea Market finds on Patreon.

Though the weather and grounds were far from ideal, it made for pleasant conditions otherwise. The number of people visiting were far fewer than if it was sunny and in the 70’s. Mud is easier to deal with than crowds. Dealers who need to make enough to justify their trip to the flea market are often more willing to give deals. However, some dealers never show, and others hide their merchandise under tarps from the weather and, unfortunately, potential customers.

I walked five miles over the fairgrounds to find Snoopy deals. I spent under $50 and came away with some nice pieces including Peanuts Christmas cookie cutters, a Woodstock Halloween plush from Hallmark, a Lucy Kraft Jelly Jar glass, a Snoopy Salton Clock in the Box, Peanuts Chex Mix Tin, an Irwin stuffed Snoopy, a Sledding Snoopy Avon Bottle in the box, a Snoopy in a raincoat paperweight, a Snoopy Butterfly Originals Wallet $1 and the Snoopy for President Button. Other than the wallet, everything is in excellent condition. Find out how much I paid in the full Patreon post.

My Mom got some more stuff in a combo deal including a vinyl lunchbox, a cork board and some dept 56 figurines. The vendor we bought them from always has Peanuts stuff, so we always visit him first. It’s worth building relationships with vendors you buy from frequently. They hadn’t finished setting up, so I just helped myself to sorting through their boxes. You both start the day out right! Plus, you never know when they have something they saved for you.

Making connections is another reason to visit the flea market. I always bring my cards if a dealer seems interested in my Peanuts collection. If dealers know there’s someone willing to buy, they’ll be sure to keep an eye out for you.

Also remember, dealers are human, too. They want to see things going to a good home. If you share your story, the dealer may take a little off the price. Allen got a great deal on a really old chainsaw. I think the dealer liked the idea of it working again.

I passed up on a few things including books, storybook records, Whitman’s figurines, lunch boxes, thermoses, a couple Snoopy Toss-a-ball games, a bank, a Violet coloring book and a Snoopy Speedway. There are only two reasons I pass up on things – too high of a price and no price listed. Certain things, I just want to get kinda cheap, and sometimes things just aren’t in good enough condition to justify the price. Also, when there’s no price listed, sometimes I don’t want to have to bother with hunting down a dealer and saying “how much for…” I feel like it leaves things open to how a dealer feels about me. Am I a sucker? I am wearing a Snoopy backpack! Their loss.

Finally, you have to love fair food! Five hot, delicious donuts for just $2.50 to start the day out. $2 for a giant cup of refreshing chocolate milk. All sorts of goodies at reasonable prices to keep up the energy on the five mile walk.

All in all, no amazing pieces or extraordinary bargains. However, I did come away with two items I hadn’t seen before. Perfect! Find out where I picked up all these Peanuts goodies in the full Patreon post.

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