Yellow Raincoat Snoopy Doll

I was about to unleash a thunderstorm on this Yellow Raincoat Snoopy Doll. Instead, it turns into one of those afternoon sunny drizzles that makes everything so beautiful. Find out where I found this gem in the full Patreon post.

My first thought was “That’s just some Snoopy doll dressed up in the wrong clothes!” I was ready to tear it apart. But then I looked closer at it. The hat was in Spanish. I didn’t recognize the doll or the raincoat. What is this Snoopy? 1990’s Determined Productions Doll was a strange combination. 1990’s Dolls are generally Applause, not Determined Productions.

Then I looked at the seller. “Oh, that explains everything!” The high price, the weird information, the good photos. Find out who in the full post. They can get their hands on ALL the good stuff. I started looking at what I was seeing. This isn’t some weird concoction made from a discarded toy box, this was a weird concoction from a toymaker! Why weird? The clothes. They look to be too big. Perhaps they’re not made for this doll. Perhaps it’s because over-sized clothing was the fashion in the 1990’s. Just look at the Linus and Lucy also available.

So what are these dolls?

If I had to hazard a guess, they’re an early pre-production version of some Applause dolls. The look of the Linus and Lucy heads are just so similar to the 11″ Peanuts Applause vinyl dolls. Linus has that same crossed hair in the front center. Looking at Linus dolls and figurines for sale, I don’t see that same exact hair pattern anywhere. Could be a coincidence! I would love to see the two different dolls side-by-side in person.

The material the heads are made of also seems an unlikely candidate for a production doll. It looks kind of fragile and prone to scuffing, even when just sitting in storage. Perhaps this doll wasn’t meant for kids, but then why give it a soft, bean-filled body? The hard plastic head might be easier to produce in small batches. Then after approval, it is easy to use for the final mold to be used with soft vinyl.

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