Snoopy Estate Sale

What a Tease! Just two photos to pique my interest and the exhilarating title – “OMG! Victorian House, Cottage, Primitive Barn and Shed FILLED TO THE BRIM! Need I say more? Snoopy.” Find out my source for Estate Sales in the full Patreon post.

What I Love – Quantity! Every week, I check the local estate sales. 51 weeks of the year, I’m not going out to estate sales. I wait for that one special Snoopy estate sale where there is more than a handful of Peanuts items to look at. I’m looking for that lone, top quality, can’t-miss item or a BUNCH of stuff to see. This is that sale. The only problem, it’s in Georgia, not far from Atlanta. Being in Wisconsin, I’m most likely not going to go visit this sale in person. I’ll keep an eye on it online, but unless there’s something SUPER amazing, I’m sitting this one out.

However, these are strange times and who knows what will be happening in a month. Maybe they’ll online auction all these things and I’ll have a chance at it. Maybe it’ll all be really common stuff at expensive prices and I’ll be glad I’m not going. Maybe this lunch box is the only good thing in the lot, and it’s not really all that fantastic.

This may be a bad time or a good time to be doing estate sales. There might be more online sales or by appointment only. People don’t want to go out so that may give you an advantage, or a life-threatening virus. Be safe!

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