Snoopy Bi-fold Doors

Taking the Snoopy room to the next level? Snoopy Bi-Fold Doors may be just the home improvement project you need. Both are in Minnesota, but maybe you have something in your area if you keep a lookout. Find out where I found these on the full Patreon article.

What I Love – A truly customized space. I love my home improvement projects! I found a set of these doors years ago. Our new house has no easy-to-retrofit space to put in these doors, sadly. We also have nowhere to put my Snoopy ceiling fans. We’ll figure out this dilemma in time.

If your Snoopy Room already has bi-fold doors, this is a great way to add a splash of panache. Made in 1988 by Wing Industries, these doors feature frosted glass and an image of Snoopy and Woodstock. It’s not a sticker, but a permanent fixture. Plus, there was the louvered version, like the ones shown, and a paneled version.

Since finding these doors could be tricky, you could fake it with some DIY. I used Rustoleum frosted glass spray (affiliate link) on my front door window and it turned out AMAZING! So easy to use. We had a vinyl cutting machine that made things easy. Just put up the sticker and spray. Beautiful. See photo at the bottom of this post.

Condition is everything, and these are usually a little worse for wear. They appear to have been sold as raw wood with no finish on them. I know from my set, the raw wood doesn’t look too perfect anymore. If you find them mint condition, you’ll probably want to finish them before using them, or use them sparingly and not in a bathroom. Not sure how easy it would be to sand and refinish them. If you’re missing a knob, those are pretty generic and easy to come by.

If the doors are missing any hardware, you may be able to get new hardware or find a Habitat for Humanity Restore with a similar used set you can harvest for parts.

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