Snoopy Battery Powered Toothbrush

Fun and functional! Of all the Snoopy electric toothbrushes that have been available over the years, I think this is my favorite design. The Snoopy Battery Powered Toothbrush was made in 1972 by Kenner. You can even enjoy the original commercial. If you want to rush out and get one, find out where I found it and some variations on our Patreon page.

What I Love – Gadgets made to be fun, but not really that easy to use. As a person with small, adult hands, I don’t know how easy this would be for kids to use. Also, after six months, the worn out brush heads would need replacing. Were replacements available? Not to mention how many batteries this would go through. Anyway, I just love old Peanuts gadgets.

Kenner followed up on this Snoopy Battery Powered Toothbrush with another “innovative” product. In 1975, they made a Snoopy electric comb and brush for hair. That particular one baffles me as to why it was ever made. I imagine getting tangles in my hair like crazy. Unless it’s some sort of hovering Snoopy robot that combs your hair out while wrangling the Snoopy Battery Powered Toothbrush, I can’t imagine it being useful.

Besides the item, the graphics on this box are fun and weird. All around the box, the Peanuts gang have these weird smiles put on their faces. Like one of those awkward moments when you’re forced to smile to appease a crazy person. It makes me laugh!

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