Russian Peanuts Pez Game

Here I am, looking for something interesting for the Find of the Week. What do I find? A Russian Peanuts Pez Game?! Where do I find these things! Find out where I found it on the full Patreon post.

What I Love – The novelty of it all! What’s that weird board game, I said to myself. Is that Greek? Is that Russian? Indeed, it’s Russian according to the Google Translate app. It has a difficult time reading everything at this angle, but it picked out some words in the image. It did much better than me since I don’t know how to put in half these letters!

I did a search online to find out what I could about Russian pez and maybe this game. There’s not much. I know PEZ seems to be NEU in Russian as indicated on the back of Russian Pez blister packaging. Beyond that, there’s not much to know.

However, this game was available in other countries! Hungary, Russian, Austria versions seem to trickled into the secondary market. It originally came out in 2001 and was attached to the back of a Pez dispenser package. The package is much, much larger to hold the four quadrants. Woodstock, Peppermint Patty, Lucy, Charlie Brown, Joe Cool and Snoopy were available as Pez Dispensers.

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