Snoopy Michigan International Speedway Shirt

Every week you send me out into the wide world of Snoopy sales expecting me to find you something to buy. I was too fast for everyone this week, including myself. Find out where I picked up this Snoopy Michigan International Speedway Shirt and how much I bought it for on the full Patreon article.

What I Love – Novelty and cars. My dad imparted a love of cars on me. Plus, being a collector forever makes me seek out the strange and unusual. This is perfect! Not only do you have a unique image of Snoopy in a race car, but you’ve also got all the little Easter eggs on the car like “Spike’s Pit Stop” and “Schroeder Car Stereos”. One wonders who the talented artist was behind this. Would Schulz have had the time? How did this even come to exist?

Usually, I say, “Don’t collect shirts!” However, this is a great exception to that rule. It probably had a small production run. Was there a “Team Beagle” or was that just to make some shirts to sell? This 1980’s shirt may have been Snoopy’s first connection with NASCAR*, but it wouldn’t be the last. For the Fifty Anniversary of Peanuts, Snoopy appeared on Jeff Gordon’s car. There have been other collaborations since, but I just don’t know everything. Go do your own research.

I’m a collector who touts doing research before buying things. I didn’t do that. Oh no! Ebay is going to be littered with these things. No. Google images? Nope, just this Etsy listing. Worthpoint (affiliate link) surely has archived dozens over the years. Absolutely none. Whew! What Luck! I actually found something really quite rare.

How did I find it? I was poking around a seller’s other listings and this came up. “Surely, that’s not licensed,” I said to myself. Imagine my surprise when the copyright and Schulz’s signature was there. “What in the world! I gotta get this!” and my fingers quickly poked the buy button, spiraling out of control and “what in the WORLD AM I DOING! How much was shipping? Oh my goodness. I could have bought some hats from this seller! Should I be buying hats? Ok, shipping was free. Whew!”

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