Peanuts Felt Pennant Banners

A little something different this week. It’s an auction lot of Peanuts Felt Pennant Banners bought by my Mom. Sometimes you’ll get a big score if you talk to the right people. Read the full story on our Patreon post.

My Mom is a quilter. She found out about an estate sale with vintage quilts and went to check it out. To her surprise, they also had a bunch of Snoopy stuff. After a long chat and making a big purchase, she found out there was more. However, it was all going to a local auction house with no online bidding.

After waiting about a month, the night of the auction finally came. My parents attended the event at a local hotel meeting room. They had come to see two lots specifically, Peanuts Lego Nodders and the Peanuts Felt Pennant Banners. During the viewing, they were able to look at the nodders up close, but the banners were out of reach to get a good look at the lot. All they had to go on was what they could see, and count, from far away. There was lots, lots, LOTS more to see from vintage Matchbox cars to Royal Dalton ceramics to lead army men. Luckily, the auction company had brought in a food vendor, because it was going to be a long night with so much to bid on and so many bidders.

The items were divided into lots, but weren’t auctioned in order. The evening wore on and on, anticipating the Peanuts items that brought them to the auction and losing bids on items that went just too high. With all the high rollers, would they have a chance at the Peanuts items? Would the late night force people to go home early, leaving less competition for those who stayed behind?

After being at the auction since 4:00 pm, the time had finally arrived for the Peanuts nodders. At 11:29 pm, Mom had successfully bought them for just $270. This included Snoopy, Lucy, Linus, Schroeder and Pigpen. They were all in really good shape except Linus, who has an unfortunate crack in his head. The auction assistant handed off the Peanuts nodders to my parents. Apparently, they were meant to bring their own packaging material. Now we know for next time!

The evening dragged on. Finally, at 12:40 am, the pennants were bought as well and it was time to pay off their debts, pack up their finds and head for home. Getting to see exactly what they had purchased would have to wait until the next day.

In total, there were 35 pennants, all of the same style as seen in the photo. At the auction, my parents could tell some of them had condition issues, but didn’t know how extensively. We were told the previous own was a huge fan of Peanuts and had them all pinned up on the ceiling! While some of them have minor pin holes, a majority of them are soiled with dust, soot or some other substance (but not mold, thank goodness!) At about $16 a piece, they are a pretty good deal and hopefully we can rescue them from their years of exposure.

Mom’s next step is to find out what is on the pennants, so we can figure out how best to handle the stains. Plus, she’s going to find out… is there more Snoopy stuff to be had? Wish her luck!

What I Love – Bright colors, great sayings, Peanuts characters – is there any reason not to love Peanuts Felt Pennant Banners?

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