American Snoopy Figurescene

America, you’re beautiful! This 1971 American Snoopy Figurescene by Determined Productions is in great looking condition. Find out where I found it on Patreon.

What I Love – These vintage paper-mache Peanuts and Snoopy Figurescenes have been a favorite with collectors for years. The cute molded characters paired up with a favorite Peanuts saying attracts people to this series of collectibles.

When buying Peanuts and Snoopy Figurescenes, you always have to be meticulous about the condition and where you’re storing them. Humidity can easily crack and peel the paint, leaving you with a near worthless piece of junk. Overall, this particular piece has great color. It also has a complete label and very few nicks in the soft material. Originally, this American Snoopy Figurescene would have come with a box. However, you never ever seem to find the boxes.

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