Mattel Snoopy Jack-in-the-Box

How many different variations are there of this Mattel Snoopy Jack-in-the-Box? It seems a simple toy that simply floods the market. However, the many years of production has produced a subtle variety. Take a look at the visual guide in the full Patreon post.

While doing my usual search for content, I saw a Snoopy Jack-in-the-Box with an orange top and it challenged my presumption that the metal tops were always red. I knew about the logos, but digging deeper uncovered a few more variations on the theme. Plus, the orange didn’t seem to be faded red and matched the Timmy Tiger Mattel Jack-in-the-box. After all those years of manufacturing this toy, there were bound to be little changes along the way.

But should you collect them all? If toys are your thing, this might be an interesting array to display. However, as a general Peanuts collector, I’m not going to try and get yet another Snoopy Jack-in-the-Box. I think I’m only missing the Canada version, but five is enough. Unless I happen across it at a good price. More importantly, a list has been started to try and sort out this mess of variants.

What to Buy? If buying a Snoopy Jack-in-the-Box, try to get one with an intact body, working music, red collar and two attached ears and hands. The nose is almost always missing paint, so as long as some is still intact, that’s what you want to see. Minor denting is usual, but I shy away from too much rust, scratches and paint loss. When testing at an antique mall, I try and stop the Snoopy from snapping out by slowly releasing the catch and opening the door. Not as fun, but less likely to cause problems.

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