Charlie Brown & Snoopy Inflatables

Here’s a vintage Triple Treat! It’s two Charlie Brown and Snoopy inflatables promotional dolls from Interstate Brands, plus a Schroeder Pocket Doll. Usually pocket dolls go for some crazy prices, but the seller has made a major mistake! They called Schroeder a Pocket Pal. This might fly under the radar for most buyers, making it a sweet deal for some lucky collector! Find out where I find Peanuts goodies like this on our exclusive Patreon post.

The Charlie Brown and Snoopy inflatables are from 1969, which are marked with the actual year of their release! This set came in two sizes, these being the smaller of the two. Their condition is just terrific, plus they still hold air after all these years!

The Schroeder Pocket doll was originally released in 1967. The full range also included Lucy, Linus, Charlie Brown and Snoopy. He’s complete and looks to be in great shape with just a slight dirtiness and paint rubbing on his feet. His shirt and pants are still bright and not faded, which is a big plus!

What I Love About Them – I was first attracted to the listing by the pair of Peanuts blow-up toys. The pocket doll is just gravy on an already wonderful dish. I personally love the ephemera nature of certain collectibles, like these inflatables. One hole and Mom would throw that in the garbage! Plus, their kitschy nature just adds to their mystique. Charlie Brown is especially fun with his big, round head. Perhaps this is where Macy’s got their ideas for Thanksgiving parade balloons!

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