Buying Snoopy Stuff FAQ

So you’re looking for that long lost Snoopy item or that perfect gift… Here are some places to start your search.

1. Where can I find a vintage Peanuts collectible? There are a million corners of the world and the web to look into. The quickest way is obviously online. Let’s start there…

  •* – The largest online marketplace is the best place to start your search. You can also save searches and it will email you when a new item matches your search.
  • Bonanza* – An online classified ad marketplace with a variety of new and old.
  •* – This site specializes in dinnerware mostly, but they also have a lot of collectibles such as Schmid plates and bells, Lenox collectibles, Lunt ornament, etc.
  • – This site allows sellers to list their handmade goods and vintage collectibles. They have a good reputation and a nice selection of items.
  • Your favorite Search Engine – There are a lot of sites out there that sell things. Spend sometime looking and maybe you’ll find it.
  • More places – Check out our FAQ on where to sell items to get more ideas on where to buy items.
  • Antique Stores – To get the most selection, try an antique mall. Once you learn which malls have the best selection for collectibles, visit every so often to see if new items have arrived.
  • Thrift Stores – Your local re-sale or charity shops might have bargain collectibles for your collection or to trade. Use to find stores near you.
  • Flea Markets – A mix between a rummage sale and an antique mall, flea markets can yield antique store goods at slightly lower prices. Flea markets can be indoors or outdoors, so dress appropriately. I suggest looking for flea markets that are more antique and collectible focused.
  • Estate Sales – I use for email updates on local estate sales near me. Estate Sales are entire households for sale and usually run by a Estate Sale company.
  • Auctions – Check your local auction listing for Peanuts memorabilia items. Auctions can mean bargain prices, but it can also mean buying an entire lot for that one item you want. Auctions can be time consuming, since each lot takes time to auction off. Be sure to set a price limit BEFORE the bidding starts so you don’t over-spend.
  • Rummage, Yard & Garage Sales – Keep an eye on the newspaper or for rummage sales that might contain older goods or kids toys.
  • Collectors Shows and Swap Meets – Check your area for collectible/character/toy specific shows or find a local Peanuts Collector swap meet. Join the Peanuts Collector Club for more info on swap meets.
  • Collectors and Dealers – Make a new friend, they may just happen to have your item or find one along the way.

2. Where can I buy a new Peanuts collectible? Check out our Peanuts on the Internet page to find online retailers.

3. How much should I pay? I suggest investing in a Collector’s Guide if you plan on buying multiple items. If you’re buying just one item, do research on similar items on the internet to get a good idea of the current market for your item. There are also many articles available in our Collecting 101 series that may help you.

Our final word: This may not be an easy task to find the item you’re looking for (especially if it’s vintage). Keep at it and Good Luck!

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