Selling Your Snoopy Stuff FAQ

So you’ve decided to sell your Peanuts collection or item… Here are some answers to your questions. For further information, email us at

1. Will you buy my collection/item? If your collection meets my needs, then I will consider buying it. My needs are:

  • Quality – Have the items been taken care of and are in displayable condition?
  • Collection Additions – Are there items to add to my personal collection?
  • Resale – Are the duplicate items desirable enough to sell to other collectors?
  • Price – Is the collection reasonably priced with today’s real market values?

2. What information do you need to buy my collection/item? First, email a few photos, a general description of what you have, and any asking price you have in mind. If your collection/item sounds interesting, we can discuss the matter further. To make my final decision, I need photos of all items (group shots acceptable), any condition problems with the items (spots, scratches, cracks, fading) and a shipping estimate.

3. Where else can I sell my collection/item? There are many options to sell your collection.

  • Our Facebook Page – Visit our Facebook page to post your photos. If anyone is interested, they can contact you directly.
  • Online Listing Site – You may make more money selling each item individually, but there is an investment in time including listing, shipping, communicating with buyers, etc. Try sites such as*, Bonanza* or For more places, visit the Search by Venue page on
  • Classified ads site – To sell your collection locally, try posting a message on your local Craigslist or other popular classified ad sites in your area.
  • Auction, Antique Store, Consignment, Flea Market – Look at local shops, fairs and auction houses to see where there might be a market for cartoon memorabilia and set up shop.

4. Do you buy collections just to resell them? No. I am a collector first and a business owner second. In other words, I can’t quit my day job at this rate – ever!

5. Why should I consider selling my collection/item to you? I love Peanuts! I always have. Your collectibles will be taken care of in their new home. If you have a story about your collection or item, I’d love to hear it. Passing along the stories is part of the collecting experience.

6. How much should I ask for my item/collection? If you don’t know what to ask for your item/collection, I can make an offer. My offer is based on collector’s guides values, current market trends and mark-up margin if I have to resell items.

If you have a large collection of pre-1993 items that you intend to sell by piece, I suggest investing in a Peanuts Collectors Guide. There are also many articles available in our Collecting 101 series that may help you.

7. Will you buy my original Schulz artwork? If you have an original Schulz piece, I suggest getting the item professionally appraised, insured and, if possible, a certificate of authenticity. If you send photos, including closeups of the work, along with any history of the piece, we can discuss purchasing the item.

8. What is a good way to ship items? I prefer USPS to ship items. They have free priority and express mail boxes that can be picked up at a post office or ordered online through their website. They also have free carrier pick-up, which is terrific if you purchase your postage online. Online postage is cheaper and comes with free delivery confirmation. With the online savings on postage, it’s easy to justify buying an electronic postage scale. For large and heavy boxes, you may want to consider shopping around for the best price.

And always, always, always package your collectibles with care! Make sure they get to their new home in the same condition you enjoy them in. Their new owner will thank you!

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