World’s Greatest Cook Snoopy Wind-up Toy

Eggs? For me? Just throw some salt and pepper on those and get the edges super crispy for me. Thanks Snoopy! The World’s Greatest Cook Snoopy Wind-up Toy is just $30 in the original box. Find out where he’s flipping on the full Patreon post.

What I Love – I would love to find the Snoopy the Champ wind-up toy like this, for a reasonable price of course. (as seen on the back of the box) There’s plenty Snoopy Cooks out there flipping eggs like there’s no end to brunch. Can you blame him? He’s not only cute, he’s productive and making breakfast. Well, apparently this one isn’t working. I like to wind them backwards and see if that sort of undoes the past harm that was done. Or maybe he’s a cheap toy that’s 50 years old and you should just leave him alone.

The box! Who doesn’t love some original packaging! An older box from Aviva, not a newer 1980’s/1990’s International Trading Technologies box. It’s Aviva you want for the sweet, sweet nostalgia. It’s not a perfect box, but it’s not too bad as far as late 1970’s boxes go. The original was from 1977 and had no window in the box. This one you see the toy. You see the “animation”. Best of both worlds!

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