Woodstock Hand Puppet

Here’s something I have never seen before! It’s a Woodstock Hand Puppet in a box. Find out where I found this puppet on our full Patreon post.

What I Love – A new mystery. Usually when I think of this puppet, I think of the usual Determined Productions Bag. It’s a classic package that many early Peanuts plush toys and dolls came in. This looks to be identical to the 1977 version, but in a box. The box says Stern Toy Co. on it, along with Determined Productions. What’s the story there? No idea.

But wait, there’s more! Along with Woodstock, there is, of course, a Snoopy puppet. Luckily, I was able to find evidence that he also took up boxing. Are the Stern puppets noticeably different from the solely Determined Productions puppets? It would be interesting to find out!

There’s not much info on the Stern Toy Co. It’s a difficult one to research since there’s the more popular Stern Pinball games.

The only way to date this is the box itself. It looks more 1980’s, just like the seller suggests. The multi-colored rainbow for Peanuts just screams cheap 1980’s toy to me. The only other evidence is the Maloney’s price tag. The Maloney’s department store seems to have been acquired in the mid-1980’s and was completely bankrupt by 1990. That’s if this is from that department store. The generic tag means it could be Maloney’s Five and Dime of Tiny Town, USA somewhere.

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