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You make a video on a topic. Suddenly, there’s new information! Of course there’s more to the story! The Peanuts Treasury video debuted a couple weeks back, but now I see there’s the Snoopy Treasury as well. Forgive my info fail, but I’m not a jetsetting, used book store shopping fanatic. For more photos and links, please join CollectPeanuts on

Where is the Snoopy Treasury Book from?

Not book, books! The main post image shows the 1982 paperback published by Hodder and Stoughton. There is also the hardback version from 1981. These are for the United Kingdom market, but I did see one for sale from Australia.

Additionally, this was republished for W.H. Smith, a big UK bookseller, in 1990 by Ravette. Plus, they also did Snoopy Classics. I included photos of the 1990 Snoopy Treasury in this post.


This appears to have comic strips from both Peanuts Treasury and Sandlot Peanuts. Perhaps that was to put more Snoopy content in the book or filter out some of the references non-Americans might not understand.

The forward I found in the WH Smith book was surprising to me. Photo Attached. It’s just Schulz telling the highlights of his life. Nothing against Schulz who was a busy man, but it’s not what I was hoping for. If they wanted a biography, maybe just include a bio written by a copywriter. Instead they wasted Schulz’s time to do this. I was hoping for something more insightful.

Compare the forward to the original by Johnny Hart, cartoonist of B.C. and Wizard of Id fame. He gives highlights of his favorite moments, plus what Charles Schulz and Peanuts has meant to him and the era. It’s entertaining and gives the non-Peanuts fan an insight into what they’re getting into and what may tickle their funny bone.

Perhaps over the years, Peanuts no longer needed to be marketed to find an audience. However, I think a forward by a cartoonist of the day discussing the impact Peanuts made on their life might have spiced up this 1990 book’s forward. If anyone has the 1980’s forward, I’d love to see its contents.

Color Sundays are a big plus for both eras of Snoopy Treasury! Yeah!

Snoopy Vs. Peanuts

I find it very funny that both Snoopy Treasury and Snoopy Classics have covers that don’t feature Snoopy. While Snoopy is on Treasury, he’s just part of the crowd. Would this book have sold less copies if it was Peanuts Treasury? Perhaps “Snoopy” was much more recognizable in the market. Either way, it’s just the beginning of Snoopy taking over the “brand.” The 2000 edition of the book is the way to appeal to the masses. Just a big dancing Snoopy!

I like the original concept best. If you want Snoopy, get “The Snoopy Festival.” Peanuts is a collective effort of a variety of personalities.

“All things to Schulz contain the element of fun.” – Johnny Hart, Peanuts Treasury, 1968

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