Snoopy Pillow Sham

You’re tired, hungry and out of ideas of what to write about. It’s 10:30 and you’ve narrowed your focus down to “Joe Cool Snoopy” because that’s what the data says is popular. Then you trip down a rabbit hole and come across this nostalgic Snoopy gem. This fabulous Snoopy Pillow sham is found through our Patreon post.

What I Love – Snoopy in a 3-D bowtie! I also have a weird thing for pillows. So comfy. So cozy. I don’t have this cuddly Snoopy Pillow Sham in my collection.

I don’t know much about this Snoopy Pillow Sham other than it was made by Cothran, which I’ve never heard of. Based on the packaging with its photo that’s half black drawing outlines, I’m guessing its from the late 1980’s? Early 1990’s at the latest since it still has a date with the UFS copyright. No, it’s not from 1958, and this seller knows better than to pass it off as that old!

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