Snoopy Kiddie Ride

Oh, to be a kid again! Wouldn’t you love to hop in this late 1990’s Snoopy kiddie ride? Now, how do you get it home? Find out where I came up with this crazy thing by reading the full Patreon post.

What I Love – A giant Snoopy Doghouse that plays music? What’s not to love! If you have space, money, know-how, and desire, then this is a great addition to your collection. There aren’t any Peanuts arcade machines, pinball games or anything like that. This is the next best thing.

There have been four total Snoopy kiddie rides made. The first three seem to have been released in 1995 by Kiddie’s, made in Puerto Rico. A firetruck, an ice cream truck, and a bi-plane. The firetruck seems easiest to come by, whereas finding an airplane is difficult. The vehicles themselves seem to be generic, with all manner of characters being plonked on as needed. The Snoopy and Woodstock are also kind of generic and seem to be the same across all three. Also, for some reason, Snoopy looks like he should be steering the vehicle. What’s the fun of a kiddie ride without a steering wheel for the kid?! Finally, there are lots of variations, probably due to refurbishments and replacement stickers not being available.

The Doghouse version was made by Jolly Roger starting in 1997 in England. I’ve been able to get a little more info about the Jolly Roger version because it’s easier to search. There were two versions available. The original had the song “Peppermint Patty”, while the second version has racecar sounds. Overall, the Jolly Roger ride looks a lot more professionally modeled. Watch the original in action on Youtube.

There’s lots more info and photos in the full Patreon post. If you appreciate the amount of work I put into the site, you’ll get a kick out of my Patreon posts!

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