Snoopy Doghouse Hallmark Ornament

When I first saw this Snoopy Doghouse Ornament, I was very curious. First, is it licensed? Being felt, fabric and some loose looking threads, I wasn’t sure what exactly I was looking at. Luckily, there was a photo of the bottom. No crafter would put UFS on it intentionally. Second, we have a tag! Again, who would put in a tag like this on their crafted doghouse? No one. This is a real, licensed item.

That’s all I knew. It’s licensed and I’ve never seen one before. What’s a girl to do? Shell out $20 and get it in her Peanuts collection. And so, I waited.

But first, some theories as to what this is before I got it! First, a licensed craft item. Could it be some sort of cut-and-sew fabric pattern? With the tag, I highly doubted that assumption. Snoopy and the ornament hanger certainly look hand-stitched by someone inexperienced, but perhaps that was something done after the ornament was bought.

Second, a Simon Simple item. The printed felt roof screams Simon Simple to me. However, the body is obviously a woven fabric, not felted. Also, the tag doesn’t match other Simon Simple items. Right age, right material, but not at 100% for me.

Third, a Determined Productions toy. They made a large portion of the Peanuts items manufactured around this era. Perhaps this is a new version of one of their Mini Mascots? However, the tag wasn’t right and the materials were just different enough to make me doubt this premise.

Finally, it’s arrived! And the info I had been waiting to find out is… in the full Patreon article.

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