Original Schulz Snoopy Drawing

At first I was like… it’s just a Schulz signature on a book, not that uncommon. But wait! There’s more! A Snoopy in repose upon the word “Peanuts” on the inside cover of Peanuts Jubilee. How great is that? Find out where I found this greatness on the full Patreon article.

What I Love – Besides a comic strip, an Original Schulz Snoopy Drawing is a great treasure for any Peanuts collector. Snoopy is especially a favorite. This has a little extra pizzazz. Schulz took a moment to consider the placement of the Snoopy. Not just some quick get it done and get this guy out of here! No, it’s a drawing expressing the warmth of his friendship with Stan. Is anyone else out there kinda hoping it was Stan Pawlowski? Well, no way to prove that unless you know him and ask.

The other thing I love… no one is trying to get you to buy it. Just putting it out there and saying here it is, make your judgement. I think it’s legit without all the certificates and appraisals. Who tries to fake an Original Schulz Snoopy Drawing and sign it Stan. That brings down the value a bit. Everyone will know it’s not something you got first hand, unless you’re named Stan. Lucky you!

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