Peanuts Grocery Store Poster

While this feature is supposed to be revealing information, sometimes I just want to bring up the subject of rarities with no solid information. In the spotlight is this item I’m calling a Peanuts Grocery Store poster. Find out where I found it and see more photos on the full Patreon post.

Why my curiosity? I have two similar posters. There’s Charlie Brown and Linus awkward walking with their hands in their pockets and wide open mouths. Plus, Linus and Lucy smiling at a Snowman. What ties all these posters together beyond their color schemes and fonts is Woodstock. He’s proclaiming “Cheep” on all of them.

But what are these posters? There’s no branding at all on them. Were they for grocery stores? The Interstate Brands outlet/thrift stores? I would like to know! Your info welcome for solving this mystery.

My guess is they’re from the late 1960’s or so since “Woodstock” is still a slightly more a generic bird and not the distinctive Woodstock model from 1970 when he received his proper name.

I really love the artwork on this poster. It’s very unique and reminds me of a Interstate Brands sticker promotion with a revolutionary war theme for the bi-centennial in 1979. The Woodstock featured in that campaign is not a generic bird, but a proper Woodstock. Perhaps the in-store posters were a little less policed and got away with years of the “Cheep” bird since Woodstock talks with lines, not letters.

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