Snoopy British Flag

If you fly your flag for Britain, then Snoopy has just the thing for you! Find out where this Snoopy British Flag can be found on the full Patreon article. I’m not entirely sure if it’s definitely a flag, or a tea towel, or just a souvenir. Anyone with more info, let me know.

What I love – I’ve always had a bit of British in my life. Being a watcher of PBS, you can’t really get away from it. Plus, the family has connections, so there’s a bit of heritage. I also drive a British car. Anyway, the British flag is immensely iconic in the world. Pairing it up with Snoopy and the Woodstocks is something I love. If a Peanuts item has a British theme, then I’m probably going to seek it out and snap it right up.

Along with the bright colors and iconic flag, you have to love the little scene on this Snoopy British Flag. Snoopy and Woodstocks dressed as The Queen’s Guard. I always have to look that one up since I want to call them Beefeaters, but that’s something else.

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