3-D Snoopy Greeting Card

I think we’ve all had that moment in our lives where we needed Snoopy with his cheesy grin to tell us to “Keep Smiling!”. This late 1960’s 3-D Snoopy greeting card by Hallmark is a fun find with an air of mystery and an interesting trail of history. Find out where I found this vintage card on our exclusive Patreon post.

A lot of greeting cards are easy to save. They’re flat pieces of paper and fit in a shoe box in a forgotten corner. However, these Hallmark 3-D greeting cards need a little more space to last through the years. The card is a thin plastic, molded to the shape of Snoopy’s body. Fortunately, they are almost always found with the box, since they’d easily be destroyed without it. Originally, the 3-D Snoopy greeting card would have come with a picture frame for hanging and is about the size of a piece of copy paper.

What I love – Most people don’t save greeting cards, especially guys. They just get tossed afterwards. This is something that has a further purpose and can remind the person of the sentiments sent at a time they needed a smile reminder.

Furthermore, this 3-D Snoopy greeting card has a little bit of mystery and history. You’ve got the 1969 stamps commemorating the Apollo 8 launch, sent just over a month after the stamps were issued. Forget copyright dates! This piece has definite info on when it was available. The mystery is who sent the card. First she writes “guess” on the outside, meaning Tom must know immediately who is sending it. Then there’s the greeting. Keep smiling… it makes people wonder what you’ve been up to, Love Kauni? I can’t read the name. Just makes me wonder what they’ve been up to. Finally, she didn’t put enough postage on it. She needed four more stamps! Did Tom get his money’s worth?

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