Aviva Snoopy Musical Guitar

Ohh! It looks like it just came off the shelves of the toy store! Find out where I saw this Aviva Snoopy Musical Guitar over on our full Patreon article.

What I Love – The original packaging. Not only original but so perfect. The cellophane is intact. The box isn’t faded or yellowed. Plus, it has so little shelf wear or signs of being stored for a long time. The major cosmetic flaw is the missing original price tag. Since that leftover gum is inconspicuous, I can forgive it.

Over all, just the guitar is in amazing condition, too. Obviously, this 1980 wind-up guitar made by Aviva has never been played with. All four strings. All the characters are intact on the headstock. Considering Snoopy and Woodstock move, it’s wonderful that they haven’t been broken off. There aren’t wear marks from being overused. The only problem… it doesn’t make music anymore. Since the box doesn’t reveal the tune, perhaps we’ll never know!

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