Tasty Snoopy Treats with ICUP Products

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I was having a long Charlie Brown moment creating cookies for CollectPeanuts.com. Despite my sudden lack of cookie making skills, I still managed to turn out some cute Snoopy cookies using the Snoopy Spatula & Cookie Cutter Combo from ICUP. Plus, a bonus tasty treat using a Snoopy Ice Cube Tray. Check out more from ICUP in our Snoopy Grow Toy review and Snoopy Drinkware Review.

My first mistake making cookies was starting at 9:30 at night. My house was completely lacking the main ingredient – flour! After borrowing a couple cups from my neighbors (Thanks Mom and Dad!), I started creating what I hoped would be delicious Czechoslovakian sugar cookies. That was my second mistake: using a new recipe I’d never tried. The dough was too dry, then I made it too wet, then maybe, it was just right? After finally getting some cookies cut, it was time to put them in the oven.

As I checked on the baking cookies, I knew all was not well. Snoopy’s face kept growing and growing, not what I wanted in a cut-out sugar cookie. I called it a night, put the batter in the fridge, and resolved to try again the next day. After much fussing, I managed to get something that didn’t look too horrible. I finally had cookies to decorate!

Cookie decoration should be simple. I used to do it all the time as a kid in 4-H! The only problem was, I had no idea where all my lovely cake decorating supplies had disappeared to in the last 20 years. Instead I turned to the local dollar store for a simple and cheap solution. I made my frosting, got it loaded in my pastry bag and did a few tests. SPLOOSH! The frosting was just a little harder than what the bag could handle.

All was not lost! I found a quart-sized freezer Ziploc bag in the pantry. I chopped the tip off the corner and put in my coupler, which promptly fell out. Yes, I had cut the bag just a little too far. Good Grief! I started again with the opposite corner. Thankfully, I finally got it right. The cookies were decorated!

After all that, what did I think of the Snoopy spatula and cookie cutter? Spatula is a little weak compared to some of my other spatulas. The cookie dough I made was very dense and heavy, so the spatula was a little underpowered for it. However, the head didn’t come off and the design still looks perfect after using it for this project. Overall, it’s a decent spatula and worked well for icing the cookies. The cookie cutter is really nice. I thought the walls seemed a weak until I started using it. The pliable walls helped me extract the dough when it just wanted to stick inside. The collar and the nose can be a little tricky to remove sometimes. The thickness of the cutter means you’ll have quarter of an inch cookies if you want the details to be impressed in it. While I certainly had a lot of problems with my experiment, I certainly don’t blame these tools!

While searching furiously for flour in my cabinets, I came across some jello gelatin and pudding. I decided to try and make creamy Jello jigglers in the Snoopy ice cube tray. Since the tray says it should not be filled with hot liquid, I used a recipe that allowed the hot gelatin to cool before putting it in the tray. I used berry blue jello and cheesecake pudding. I halved the recipe and it more than filled the ice cube tray.

How did they turn out? A bit mixed. The Snoopy molds did ok, while Woodstock tended to break apart. The jello jigglers turned out a little more pliable than usual. In future, I’d increase the ratio of gelatin to other liquids to ensure a harder shell. A good first experiment! I’d love to see what treats my fellow Peanuts fans can create.

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Disclaimer: ICUP Inc. provided the samples for free. The review was my own opinion of the items. If you have any questions about the product or reviews, please let me, Caren, know at info@collectpeanuts.com.

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