Snoopy Pelham Puppet Dance Party

Put on your dancing shoes! It’s time for a Snoopy Pelham Puppet Dance Party! Turn the speakers up, get up off your chair and move your feet with Snoopy, Charlie Brown and Woodstock. Watch the video below, or head over to Youtube.

The Peanuts Pelham Puppets Display made its way into my collection in May, 2018. 20 years of searching, I finally managed to buy one. Never before had I seen one for sale, and I figured I would never see one again. A small fortune later, this rare marionette store display adorns a shelf in my collection.

Inner Workings

What secrets does it hold? Before buying the Peanuts Pelham Puppets Display, I didn’t know that each Pelham Puppet display is hand-made. Each one is slightly different, yet each follows a basic structure. Snoopy is in the middle, with Charlie Brown and Woodstock on the side standing on a platform. Many have a doghouse type topper, but others just have fringed Peanuts fabric. The sides and back has Peanuts fabric on the outside, with blue fabric inside. The Peanuts fabric was also used for bed sheets from the era. The base uses felt for aesthetics and to keep the sound of clicking feet from being annoying.

Looking under the doghouse roof, we can see how it was made and who made it. The piece is signed by A.R.W., which I assume is the handy person behind this amazing display. Afterwards, a stamped date of January 7, 1983. Also stamped is a warning “For Display Purposes Only. Not for Resale.” The creator also labeled the ridge for the Doghouse and wrote instructions for its use.

The animation is powered by a motor attached to the underside of the roof. It turns cams attached to the lifters, on to which the marionette strings are attached. Based on the wear and tear of all moving parts, I’d guess this Peanuts Pelham Puppets Display saw a lot of use back in the day. No doubt, the dancing figures of Charlie Brown, Woodstock and Snoopy were a joy to behold in a toy store full of wonders.

The Story Continues

There’s more to tell in this tale! How did I find it? What did I pay? What tips do I have for my fellow collectors? The full article is available on Patreon. Much like a tip jar, Patreon helps creators like me bring you their slice of the world. With a little help from my fans, I have the tools needed to share amazing collectibles I find like this rare Peanuts Pelham Puppets Display. Plus, your support can helps me create videos like “Snoopy Pelham Puppet Dance Party”. Let’s share Snoopy with everyone!

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