Santa Snoopy’s Christmas in July Sale

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Santa Snoopy is getting a head start with a Christmas in July Sale. Start dreaming of your Snoopy Christmas and save 10% off on our Peanuts Christmas ornaments. Use promo code XMASJULY10 at checkout. Sale ends August 1, 2017. Shop Peanuts & Snoopy Christmas Ornaments…

SPECIAL OFFER! As a special thank you to our Patreon Sponsors, save 15% off ALL Peanuts Christmas and Special Occasion memorabilia in our shop. Become a sponsor or get your code on our Patreon page. Your exclusive promo code is in the Patreon-only post from July 25, 2017.

Peanuts Finds from eBay

Uncover Vintage Peanuts treasures at eBay and help support We may earn a small commission when you purchase through our affiliate links. Thank you! Learn more…

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