Vintage Charlie Brown Kite

It was love at first sight with this vintage Charlie Brown kite. At first, I was confused. Is it felt like the Determined Production banners? No, it’s a real plastic kite made for flying! I’ve never seen this kite before. I don’t know anything about it, beyond what it says on the actual item. It says “A Boy Named Charlie Brown” on it in reference to the animated feature film. Made by Determined Productions in 1970, according to the writing on the edge. That totally fits in with the timeline of the movie, so I’m inclined to believe it in this instance. Find out where I found this vintage kite on our Patron post.

What I Love – Charlie Brown and kites has been a thing since 1952, according to a quick internet search. It grew into lots of story lines through the years and created the Kite-Eating Tree character. It’s a familiar scene on lots of collectibles.

There have been a few Peanuts kites made through the years, but this vintage Charlie Brown kite seems like the ultimate kite to have. First, it’s gorgeous! Great condition, great imagery, fits in with a lots of other collectibles from the era, but mixes it up in its own special way. Second, it’s pretty unique. I don’t remember ever seeing one of these. I’m sure many kids had their own Kite-Eating Tree moment with this kite, which leaves just this one on the market now. Third, it’s a Charlie Brown Kite. I have lots of kites in my collection, but they all tend to be Snoopy and from the 1980’s and 90’s. While Snoopy sells, in my heart I know kites belong to Charlie Brown. Perhaps that’s bad merchandising to put a known kite destroyer on your kite, but who cares! Charlie Brown kites are where it’s at!

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