Re-Ment Snoopy Miniatures Videos

Re-Ment Snoopy Miniatures are whimsical toys, delightful at any age. They are produced by Re-Ment, a Japanese company known for miniature dollhouse-sized figurines and food, plus other toys. Re-Ment has multiple Peanuts themes available including West Coast House, Schooldays, American Diner, Vintage Cafe and more. Each theme has eight figurine sets available in blind boxes. With blind boxes, you don’t know which set you’re getting until the packaging is opened. Check out all our Peanuts Re-ment videos on Youtube or watch them through the gallery. Subscribe to the YouTube Channel to be notified about upcoming videos.


Falling in love with Re-Ment Snoopy Miniatures? Get inspired by the talented photographers in the Flickr group, Re-ment Addicts. The collectors create beautiful photos of their miniatures, sometimes looking almost real! You’ll also find compositions made with miniatures from Disney, Pokemon, Rilakkuma, Hello Kitty, Sanrio and more. Enjoy!


Get Re-Ment Snoopy Miniatures on Amazon and eBay. (affiliate links) You can buy the entire set by looking for 8 piece sets in the original display box. With the original display box packaging, you’re ensured to get one of each type. You can also buy the figure sets individually. By buying though the links on, you help keep these videos coming! Thank you! More ways to support…

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