Snoopy Dreaming of Sweets

Snoopy was a little hungry when he took a nap. Join him for an adventure as he indulges in giant desserts with his pal, Woodstock. Grab a chocolate chip cookie and dive right in to a mug filled with cold milk. Hop on your surfboard and ride the sweet sauce poured over a layered parfait. Roll around on the inside of an enormous donut. Pop open a jar of sticky caramel popcorn. Take a hike up a towering mountain of waffles, complete with ice cream and sauce. Pour out a tall mug of fizzy root beer. Dip your fruit in a giant bowl of hot chocolate fondue. Round off your meal with a rest on a mound of cold ice cream. Delight in the Snoopy Dreaming of Sweets miniature figurines by watching our video. Be sure to subscribe to our Youtube channel for notifications on the next Snoopy miniatures reveal.

Snoopy Dreaming of Sweets is produced by Re-Ment, a Japanese company known for miniature dollhouse-sized figurines and food, plus other toys. Re-Ment has multiple Peanuts themes available including Chocolate Cafe, Terrarium On Vacation, Little Lunchbox Museum and more. Each theme has six or eight figurine sets available in blind boxes. With blind boxes, you don’t know which set you’re getting until the packaging is opened. Re-Ment also makes toys for Disney, Pokemon, Rilakkuma, Hello Kitty, Sanrio, Gudetama and more.

Where to Buy Snoopy Dreaming of Sweets

If you’d like these adorable Snoopy dollhouse miniatures for your collection, you can shop Peanuts Re-ment on Amazon and eBay. (affiliate links) You can buy the entire set by looking for 8 or 6 piece sets in the original display box. With the original display box packaging, you’re ensured to get one of each type. You can also buy the figure sets individually. By buying though the links on, you help keep these videos coming no matter what you purchase.

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