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Peanuts Anri Musicals Mystery Unboxing

A box full of beautiful Peanuts Anri musicals is ready to be displayed again. Inside this mystery box we’ll find a variety of figural musicals made in Italy by Anri. After close inspection while cleaning up Linus and Snoopy, I discovered the figures are cast resin. This is probably to aid in quality control of the look of the figures. The rest of the features are hand-carved wood. The scenes are hand-painted for a unique look. See more Anri musicals in our collection.

The Linus and Snoopy musical has been brought back to life with some patient musical massage and a careful hand at washing away the years of dust. They’ve never looked better! Subscribe to our channel for more updates on restoring the other Peanuts Anri Musicals. If you appreciate the effort going into the musicals and sharing this content, please consider supporting CollectPeanuts.com.

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