Paula’s Peanuts Bathroom

From Paula…

“I live in an old house. We think the downstairs bathroom was one time a porch & someone made it into a bathroom. Just recently I decided to decorate it with Peanuts. Online shopping for decor was so much fun.

My sister-in-law made the curtain valances out of a sheet I had when my son was little. I used the matching pillowcase as a scarf for the dresser. I found someone on ebay that makes rugs (not hook & latch). I had the rug made to order from her. Then there are the wooden characters that I found on ebay. They were made by the seller & they aren’t new. I think they give the room a unique touch.

I watch my 19 month old granddaughter. I decorated the bedroom that she uses when she’s here in Snoopy plus I have lots of other things including clothes and of course I’m proud of my tattoos.”

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