Original VS. Reproduction – Peanuts Rag Doll Comparison

After waiting years, the stars have aligned! Finally, I have both a vintage and reproduction version of the Lucy Rag Doll. Originally made in 1976 by the Ideal Toy Corporation, Lucy was joined by Charlie Brown, Linus, Peppermint Patty and Snoopy. Both 14″ and 7″ dolls were made by Ideal. The reproduction was produced in Medicom in 2014 and included just Charlie Brown, Lucy and Linus.

The original Lucy Rag Doll was very closely reproduced as the 2D Plush Cushion by Medicom. Most notably on Lucy is the color of her dress accents. The original blue color has become black in the reproduction. Other smaller details like the construction of the doll and the exact shape of her facial features are other indicators. The newer box has a lot more legal details on it. Finally, the tag on the doll will always be a good indicator of which doll you’ve got.

Which to get for your collection?

In the secondary market, the Medicom doll is a little less expensive than the original Ideal Peanuts doll. Medicom makes great products and has a collector following of their own. The high quality and nostalgic feel of their products means that they should hold their value. The newer version is certainly less likely to have as many condition issues as the original. Great condition pieces may have spent their times in musty attics and may bring some of that ambiance with them. However, you can’t deny the appeal of the original especially in near mint condition. Whatever makes you happy, enjoy it!

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Did you know I’m handy with a sewing machine? I’d love to create other Peanuts character rag dolls to compliment this line up. Where’s the Sally? Where’s the Schroeder? Give your support to give me the time to make these projects happen!

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