Giving thanks for Peanuts Fans!

Happy Thanksgiving to all our fellow Peanuts Fans! Thank you for sharing your love of Peanuts with our community of fans. Together, we enjoy Peanuts everyday due to your photos, articles, videos and tips you send in! Thanks to my family and friends who think of me every time they see Snoopy. My boyfriend, Allen, especially deserves big thanks for joining me in my everlasting quest to find Peanuts memorabilia.

I can’t do this without you! With your help, we can help grow. Send your feedback on what you love about our site and what you’d like to see more of. When you share and like our posts on social networks, you help other fans find The more fans we gather, the more opportunities I have to create new content you’ll love. Thank you for your continued help to make better!

If you’d like to help out a little more, there are many opportunities to Support When you shop online during the holiday season, visit the store, or our curated list of Peanuts stores online for gift ideas. For just a dollar a month, you can join our Patreon sponsors for insider information, special promo codes and goodies. Sponsorship helps fund site maintenance and upcoming projects. I understand budgets can be tight, so don’t feel you must give. Your continued support through sharing, liking and sending your finds is always a big help!

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