Snoopy’s Wardrobe Videos

Snoopy and his friends are showing off what’s inside their wardrobes every month. Join Belle, Woodstock, Spike and Snoopy as they wear their vintage Determined Productions outfits from the 1970’s and 1980’s. What other outfits would you like to see in our Peanuts & Snoopy Collectibles Videos? Send your suggestions to If you enjoy it, share it, give us a thumbs up and subscribe! I really appreciate everyone’s encouragement.

Where to Buy Snoopy Outfits

You can find Snoopy’s Wardrobe outfits in the online shop and at eBay. Belle, Woodstock and Spike are also available. For newer outfits that fit the vintage 18″ Snoopy by Determined Productions, try the wide variety of outfits available at Build-a-Bear Workshop. (affiliate links) By buying though the links on, you help keep these videos coming no matter what you purchase. Learn more…

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Have outfits you need to find a new home for? Send Caren an email at I’d love to share them with all the Peanuts fans! I especially need small Snoopy and Woodstock outfits, plus 30″ and larger plush outfits. Thank you!

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