Snoopy Nanoblock Sets

Build some fun to your day with Snoopy! Peanuts Nanoblock series 1-3 and Snoopy’s doghouse are available for purchase and pre-order at The miniature building bricks create your favorite characters including Woodstock, Charlie Brown, Lucy, Sally and Snoopy’s many personalities. Nanoblocks are originally from Japan, so you’ll also find many sets for Pokemon, Mega Man, Doraemon, Kirby, Pacman, Dragon Ball Z and so much more! Plus, they have sets for famous monuments, dinosaurs, animals, musical instruments and even a giant pirate ship! Find Snoopy Nanoblock Sets and more at Amazon (affiliate link). Plus, you can find older Peanuts sets at Your purchase through our links helps support our site. Thank you!

What’s it like to build with Nanoblocks? Check out my video to see the first Peanuts Nanolbock Mininano set being built.


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Peanuts Finds from eBay

Uncover Vintage Peanuts treasures at eBay and help support Thank you! Learn more...

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