Peanuts Nanoblock Mininano Volume #1

Join me in opening and building the entire first series of the Peanuts Nanoblock Mininano build bags. Inside we’ll find all six figures including Snoopy, Woodstock, the Flying Ace, Joe Cool, the Author and sleeping Snoopy on his doghouse. Nanoblock is made by Kawada of Japan. Each figure is in its own separate blind mystery bag. Volume 2 is waiting to be built, so be sure to subscribe on Youtube to experience that build.

Building a Nanoblock Peanuts Figure

Nanoblocks are like the Lego building blocks, but a lot smaller. They would not be compatible with Lego or other Peanuts building block sets from Linoos or Banbao. The bag contains everything you need including instruction and plenty of blocks to make the figure. The instruction are in both Japanese and English, but it’s mostly visual directions.

If tiny pieces might be difficult for your eyes or fingers, then this might not be the project for you. There are special tweezers to help with building Nanoblock figures. Plus, a base pad can help keep pieces in alignment when first building your figures. If you prefer, use a Nanoblock display base for easy build and showing off your work.

Where to Buy

Licensed Nanoblock sets can be found on They are also available on eBay from international sellers. Using the links in this post helps support CollectPeanuts by earning us a small commission. Thank you! More information…

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