Snoopy’s Christmas Extravaganza

For 24 days, I’ve been sharing a daily present in Snoopy’s Christmas Countdown. You can catch the full series on Youtube. The Christmas finale wraps up the whole month of Peanuts treasures. I’ll be opening the remaining Snoopy Re-ment figurines. Plus, we’ll take a look at all the joy Santa brought us this holiday season. Come join the fun and don’t forget to subscribe on our Youtube channel.

Snoopy Christmas Surprises

For some background on the items Santa Snoopy brought me and the Christmas scene, let’s start with the tree! The ornaments are vintage from Whitman’s Chocolates boxes and are available in the online store. I actually used shop stock for the tree since I knew they wouldn’t be damaged. If you purchase one, you might just get one from the video! Plus, the Woodstock string lights were found this year at Wal-mart.

The boxed figurines are all by Re-ment, a Japanese company that specializes in miniature blind box figurines. You can find them at a variety of online stores direct from Japan. Specifically for this video series I used Snoopy’s Art Studio, Snoopy Collection of Words (both 1 and 2), and Snoopy Comic Cube Collection. If you’re looking for a specific individual figurine, you can find them on eBay(affiliate link). If you want a full set, be sure you’re buying an entire full set and not an over-priced single box. The dollhouse figures have eight in a set, while figurines are typically six in a set.

Finally, the Peanuts mystery ornaments are by Hallmark and came out in 2021. I would love a Linus if someone has an extra. Knowing me one will turn up eventually. As for my extras, you’ll find them in the shop in time for next Christmas. Otherwise, find them for your Christmas tree on eBay (affiliate link). The socks were found by Santa at Wal-mart.

Finding Peanuts Collectibles

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