Schroeder Anri Musical Restoration

After twenty years in storage, Schroeder is ready to practice his piano again with Beethoven by his side. You can see the unveiling of this Anri Musical, along with more in this series, in our unboxing video. Not only did this musical need some careful cleaning, but also the musical mechanism needed a little help.

Restoration Process

To get the musical cleaned up, I started with using cotton buds and plain water. This removed most of the dust off the musical. Tiny crevices required a toothpick with cotton spun around it. I cleaned with the wood grain base to ensure that it would come out clean. After the cotton buds were coming out clean, it was time to move on. Schroeder is transformed into his original, beautiful sheen.

Next, it was on to getting the musical working again. I removed the base and checked for problems with the musical. While it was working a bit, it needed some help to get it back to full working order. I carefully added WD-40 with a toothpick to the joints by the fan to help remove any debris or build-up that is causing too much friction. After treatment, the musical was working much better. Schroeder was again playing the tune, “Leitmotiv Kaiserkonzert.”

Overall, this restoration took me about forty minutes. While time consuming, I feel that these pieces need the love and attention that can really bring them back to their original condition. In future, I hope to do more videos like this, so let me know in the video comments your feedback. Enjoy more music in our Peanuts Musicals & Music Box gallery.

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