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Snoopy Clean-up! Turning Trash into Treasure

Turning a grab bag of gross Snoopy figurines into treasures? That’s my job! If you missed part one of “Trash or Treasure”, discover the joy and horror of opening a bag of random Snoopy figurines in our first video.

In part two, we go through the pile of “Trash” to see what was a Snoopy diamond in the rough and what needs a little more restoration. Happily, the Snoopy clean-up produced quite a few PVC figurines treasures. A few figurines didn’t come out so fresh. A Spike PVC from Determined Productions was my biggest disappointment. In part three, I’ll see what I can do to get the dirt out of his pock-marked plastic. Plus, I’ll be experimenting with removing some stains from figurines and refitting the keychains.

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