Snoopy for President

Back the Beagle in 2016! Choose a Presidential candidate with years of experience in many different rolls. Snoopy’s time as a Flying Ace shows his tenacity for keeping America safe. Snoopy is loved worldwide, which will help with foreign policy and diplomacy. Schools and education is a favorite for Snoopy since he loves being in the classroom and hanging around as Joe Cool. There’s no better roll model for health and wellness than Snoopy with his love of sports. The annual Easter egg hunt on the White House lawn will be even more fun with the Easter Beagle in attendance. Vote for everyone’s best friend, Snoopy! Shop for President Snoopy memorabilia…

Show your American patriotism with Peanuts memorabilia. Buy t-shirts, bags, hats and more to support Snoopy for President. Start shopping at Cafepress…

What’s next, Snoopy? Find memorabilia for Snoopy’s many personalities including Joe Cool, the Flying Ace, Chef Snoopy, Beaglescout Leader and many more in our Snoopy Shop.

Sally Jointed Figurine

Sally Brown Investigates

Sally is always investigating how the world works. Celebrate Sally’s curiosity with Peanuts collectibles in our shop figurines, stickers, books, games and more.
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Peanuts Finds from eBay

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