Snoopy Ice Hockey Model Kit & Game Review

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My patient waiting is over! Ever since Atlantis announced they were release reproduction Monogram/Mattel kits, I’ve been eagerly awaiting their arrival. Finally, I’ve gotten the chance to build their first release, the Snoopy Ice Hockey Model Kit and Game. While I don’t have the original 1972 Monogram kit on hand to compare with, I can say from memory that it is the spitting image of the original.

Building the model was quite simple and fun. The pieces are molded well and just snap together. No glue or paint is needed for the kit. Petroleum jelly is used for lubricating the moving parts under the hockey rink. A knife is used for trimming any excess off a gear, which I didn’t have and it’s working fine. The instructions require some through reading, as I learned during my build. Overall, it took me about 30 minutes to build, while doing the video and talking through the instructions. It would probably go quicker if you’re just concentrating on the task at hand. 

Snoopy Ice Hockey Snap-tite Model
The Original 1970's Snoopy Ice Hockey Snap-tite Model

The final game works wonderfully. Allen and I played it for a bit and had no problems with the movement of the figures. It’s kind of like playing foosball, but you have to be a little more gentle with the tabletop game. The game comes with four hockey pucks and instructions on game play. We just had fun trying to just score goals, which is probably what most people do!

Where to Buy

If you want one for your Peanuts collection, visit the Atlantis website. It is also available at (affiliate link), which I can’t recommend for the serious collector. I ordered one using a gift card and it arrived with the box banged up from an Amazon Fulfillment Center. I returned it and received another, which was better, but still with some issues from shipping. The kit direct from Atlantis was packaged just right to ensure the kit arrives in collectible condition.

I couldn’t be happier with this excellent kit from Atlantis and I’m just as excited for their next release. Already available for pre-order are Snoopy and his Sopwith Camel model kit, plus the matching Red Baron model kit. Both are snap-tite kits with motorized propellers. Sign me up!

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