Snoopy Double Trouble – Which Book to Keep?

You can’t keep them all! There comes a time in every collector’s life when they need to make a decision. Which to keep and which to sell? Sometimes it’s easy to determine which collectible is the more desirable piece to have in your collection. Other times, you’re left in a Snoopy double trouble situation.

I was recently at an antique store and couldn’t pass up this trio of near mint condition Peanuts Weekly Reader books. At $4 each, I figured it would be worth giving them a new home, either in my collection or passing them on to another collector through my shop. Luckily, I found their duplicates right when I got home and decided to share the decision process through the video above.

How to Choose

Usually with books, I first look at the edition. A first edition in very good condition might beat out a mint condition sixteenth edition. However, these are Peanuts books were published by Weekly Reader and don’t list any edition numbers. Instead, I start with the outer cosmetics of each book. Then, I move inside to see if there is any messy writing, colored in comic panels, major stains or other problems. Problems like aging paper, called foxing, I usually ignore as it’s part of the natural aging process. If the decision isn’t obvious after looking at the edition number and the cosmetic looks, then I just have to go with my gut.

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