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Polaroid Peanuts Instant Film Fun

When you buy through our links, we may earn a small commission at no additional cost to you. Learn more.

Today, everyone has a camera in their pocket. It’s ready to take a quick photo to save a moment or just keep track of the day to day. However, some of the magic can be lost with today’s smart phones. Bring back the glory the days of the viewfinder! Treat yourself to capturing memories on the new Polaroid Peanuts Instant Film.

Polaroid is back! Rediscover the joy of sharing instant photography. Take a photo and give it to someone as a physical memento of an occasion. Pin it to a bulletin board, tape it to a mirror, or clip it to your fridge. A Polaroid is that memory you want to remember, without the hassle of getting prints made. 

There’s nothing quite like a Polaroid photo. It’s a familiar friend, capturing generations of memories. The captured image surrounded by a white frame holds so many candid scenes. Now, you can start sharing those moments with Polaroid Peanuts Instant film. Each print has a Peanuts scene below the photograph. There are 16 different Peanuts frames available at random including Snoopy, Charlie Brown, Linus, Lucy, Schroeder and Woodstock.

My dogs, past and present, through instant film. Sammy on Polaroid. Tosh on Fuji Instax. Molly on the new Peanuts film.

Using the Peanuts Film

The Peanuts Polaroid Color i‑Type Film is available for new Polaroid cameras including the OneStep 2, OneStep+, the Polaroid Now, and the Polaroid Lab. The OneStep 2, OneStep+, and the Polaroid Now cameras are traditional Polaroid cameras. The Polaroid Lab allows you to create Polaroid photos using your smartphone. 

Polaroid Now Camera with Peanuts Color i-Type Film

Polaroid sent me the Polaroid Now camera and Peanuts film to try out. Using the camera was really simple. There’s not much to fuss with since it’s autofocus. Just point, shoot and wait for your film to develop. Loading the film is simple and needs hardly any instruction. The battery is recharged from a USB cable, so it is easy to recharge from a power bank if needed. The camera also has a double exposure mode and a timer to create something extra special. If you want more features, check out the OneStep+ camera.

The photos have a vintage vibe that I’ve always loved about old prints. The colors are more muted and don’t have as much contrast as modern photography. Polaroid recommends allowing them to develop in a dark place, instead of the old “shaking” method. After 10-15 minutes, the photo will be fully developed and ready to share.

Still have your old Polaroid camera lying around? New film is available for instant camera enthusiasts. While the Peanuts film won’t work with old cameras, you can still bring your camera out of retirement.

Taking Polaroid Photos

What’s the best way to get great photos? Relax, have fun and live in the moment! When I was too concerned about getting great photos for an article, it was a little overwhelming. Having Allen and Molly to put me in the right mood improved the results! 

Finally, be patient with the film and do a little research on getting the best out of your Polaroid film. I was a little too quick with pulling out the film which led to some oddities in the final prints. It’s all part of the fun!

Whether you’re looking to put the craft back into your photography, or just looking for a novel way of enjoying a moment, a Polaroid camera is a great tool to get you started. It’s the type of camera you can just pass around and see what develops, with little to no instruction needed. Just push that button and your moment is captured! Plus, pick up that Peanuts film while it’s available.

Disclaimer: Polaroid provided the samples for free. The review was my own opinion of the items. If you have any questions about the product or reviews, please let me, Caren, know at info@collectpeanuts.com.

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