Build-a-Bear Snoopy for 2019

Build-a-Bear Snoopy for 2019

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Snoopy is back at Build-a-Bear! If you don’t already have one in your collection, it’s a great time to add one to your Snoopy flock. This is Snoopy’s third Build-a-Bear appearance, so I’ll go over the ways he’s been updated. Plus, there’s a lot of wonderful ways to make Snoopy into a personalized gift.

I reached out to Build-a-Bear and they sent me this wonderful Snoopy for me to review. Our 2019 Snoopy is just like the previous dolls in that he’s soft, huggable and well made. He’s nearly identical to the 2015 Movie Snoopy. There’s little updates that have been made. The 2019 Snoopy nose is just a little shorter, probably to make him easier to dress! A few logos and tags have changed along the way, but otherwise Snoopy is just as cute as ever!

Personalized Snoopy Plush

Fashionable Snoopy also has some new outfits. The Flying Ace pilot outfit is the same as the 2015 Movie version, with an updated tag. The pilot’s outfit includes his jacket, hat with goggles and scarf. For the winter months, Snoopy has a red, puffy, winter jacket and matching ushanka hat. Christmas is coming and Snoopy is ready with a cute Christmas t-shirt. All the Build-a-Bear outfits fit Snoopy, so you’ll have no end of choices! Dress Snoopy up as Batman, Captain America or your favorite NFL team uniform. Pick from a variety of t-shirts for all sorts of occasions like birthdays, holidays or just to say thanks.

The 2019 Build-a-Bear Snoopy is online only. However, you don’t have to miss out on the stuffing fun! You can order him ready to be stuffed and take him to your Build-a-Bear store for the full experience. Personalize your Snoopy with the Peanuts theme tune, “Linus and Lucy”, in his paw. Make him extra special with a recordable message. You can even have Snoopy smell like peppermint, bubble gum or popcorn.

Snoopy wouldn’t be complete without his best friend! Woodstock is available again to keep Snoopy company. The six-inch plush Woodstock is sold separately.

Where to Buy Build-a-Bear Snoopy

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More to explore! Check out my review of the 2015 Build-a-Bear Snoopy and Fifi.

Build-a-Bear Snoopy Photo Gallery

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