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The Peanuts Movie comes out in just a few days! Build-A-Bear is your destination for three stars from the upcoming film: Snoopy, Woodstock and Fifi. Snoopy and Fifi are available as full-sized plushes, with Woodstock available as the trusty sidekick in a smaller, proportional size. Build-A-Bear sent me a few samples to give my fellow fans a full review. (affiliate links)

Movie Snoopy on Left, 2011 Snoopy on Right

Snoopy first appeared at Build-A-Bear in 2011. The original Snoopy is a lot different from the new movie Snoopy. The first Snoopy, who is shown in photos with a Joe Cool shirt, was animated and musical. While the animation is really fun, the original plush is heavy and not as cuddly. The new movie Snoopy and Fifi have the option to be made with a musical button featuring the song “Linus and Lucy,” also known as the Peanuts theme song. Listen to the song on Youtube. Side-by-side, the new movie Snoopy is a lot more Snoopy-like. His snout has a better shape and he even has the stripe on his tail! Even his feet are a lot more like a Schulz drawing.

Next, we have Fifi! If you’ve never met Fifi, she first appeared in Snoopy’s love life in the Peanuts special “Life is a circus, Charlie Brown.” She is a white poodle with pink accents. Fifi’s appearance changed a bit for The Peanuts Movie, but she’ll be a lot more cuddly, just like her friend Snoopy. The only tricky part with Fifi is her head pink poof makes hats a little awkward, but it’s not too bad.

Fifi and Snoopy in their Pilot outfits

Ready for wardrobe! Snoopy comes with a red collar and Fifi comes with a purple bandana, both of which are not removable. They are both shown in their Flying Ace outfits from the new Peanuts movie. The jackets have Peanuts branded tags on them. The Flying Ace helmet is very similar to the 2011 design, but in a different color scheme. Both Snoopy and Fifi have an endless wardrobe from Build-A-Bear! You can find a Charlie Brown shirt, Snoopy PJ’s and a Joe Cool shirt for your plush. Plus, everything else available will fit your plush! Build-A-Bear’s site has a huge range of clothing, costumes and sports jerseys for their plushes. My Mom likes her Packer Backer Snoopy, but Dad likes to dress Snoopy as a Jedi. It really let’s Snoopy’s imagination go wild!

Lovable Woodstock

Where would Snoopy be without Woodstock? The little, yellow birdie will always be at Snoopy’s side. On Woodstock’s back, there’s an elastic band to make sure the two are inseparable. Oddly enough, it fits nicely on a wrist. You could probably even make it into a hair tie. The strange possibilities are endless! Other than my strange obsession with Woodstock’s elastic band, he’s really nicely done and proportioned to Snoopy.

All three plushes are just adorable, huggable and soft – just like any toy doll should be! The details are just wonderful from the freckles on Fifi’s cheek to Snoopy’s name on his collar. Snoopy’s nose is even bigger than Fifi’s! Snoopy and Fifi have Build-A-Bear logos on their right front paws, and Woodstock has his on his right foot. Dressing the dolls is easy and the velcro closure are easy to handle. These adorable plushes are sure to be a favorite of any Peanuts fan!

There’s more to check out at the Build-A-Bear site! Don’t miss Snoopy’s Doghouse, Kids Snoopy Pajamas and so many more delightful outfits for Snoopy and Fifi! If you enjoyed this review, please shop online through our links to give a little back. Thank you! Learn more…

Disclaimer: Build-A-Bear provided the samples for free. The review was my own opinion of the items. If you have any questions about the product or reviews, please let me, Caren, know at


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