Peanuts Gingerbread House Kit

The Peanuts Gang is enjoying a snow day outside their festive gingerbread house. Join the fun in our latest “Snoopy Splurges” video featuring the Peanuts Gingerbread House Kit from Cookies United. In this series, I’ll be taking a look at a specific Peanuts collectible. Be sure to subscribe to our Youtube channel for notifications on the next Snoopy Splurges video.

I saw the Peanuts Gingerbread House Kit and just had to splurge on it this year! I’ve held back in years past, but just gave in. It will make a wonderful centerpiece at this year’s Christmas feast. Making it was simple enough. Everything you need is included in the box. The kit comes with gingerbread, icing, candies, a Snoopy gummy and a base. Directions are included for building the gingerbread house. The best part is the “simple start” base since it holds the pieces in place while icing them together. The icing is nice a sticky and sets up pretty quickly when building.

Decorating the house pretty easy. I made a few changes because I’ve done cake decorating before and I wanted things to look nice for the internet. Instead of the included icing bag, I used a regular pastry bag with a #3 round tip for most of the decorating. The icing was really stiff, so I added a little bit of water to make it flow easier. If you use this method, remember to add a bit of powdered sugar if you go to far. You don’t want the icing too thin or it’ll just run down your house. I was worried there wouldn’t be enough icing, but ended with about three tablespoons leftover.

If you want your house to look like the photo, you might want to consider buying additional candy. There was a sufficient amount in the package, but not enough to do the extensive candy decorating like the box. I used all the candy except one gum drop. The gummy candies were all still nice and fresh feeling. The gumdrops were very fragrant when I cut them for the window decorations.

Finally, the Peanuts gang cutouts were a bit of a pain. I would definitely leave the task of cutting them out to an adult. There were a lot of areas that were difficult to cutout. It took about twenty-five minutes just to cut out the figures. Again, I was trying to make them look really nice for the internet, so I was being a bit picky about things.

What would I do differently? Next time, I would definitely go “off model” and do more decorating. I wanted to do this one like a proper review and keep things simple. A larger base would allow for more fun scenery like ice cream cone trees and marshmallow snowmen. I have vintage Hallmark Peanuts Christmas cookie cutters I could use to make edible figures for the scene. Finally, I’d put on the chimney correctly! No one probably notices but me.

Overall, this gingerbread house took about four hours to complete. I’d love to do something more creative next year! If you’d like to make that happen, sponsor on Patreon!

Where to Buy

I found mine locally at Meijer. You can also buy the Peanuts Gingerbread House Kit at Amazon. (affiliate link)

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