Snoopy Aviva Mini Trophies – Peanuts Treasure Box

Snoopy sends his greetings! Join us for our third Peanuts Treasure Box video featuring mini trophies from Aviva. The 2″ cermic figurines were made in 1974 and feature Snoopy in a variety of poses with words of encourgement and appreciation on them. Check them out in the Peanuts Treasure Box Youtube video. Explore the items and more from this video on our Peanuts Aviva Trophies page.

As promised in the video, if you want to buy these from eBay, check out Peanuts ceramic trophies. (affiliate link)

Stay tuned! Every two weeks, I’ll be opening up a trove of Peanuts treasures to share with my fellow enthusiasts. Out of Snoopy’s doghouse will come all sorts of fun vintage collectibles with info and stories about the items. Be sure to subscribe to the Youtube channel to find out when the new video arrives.

Feedback is welcome! It’s my first time doing anything like this. Keep up the momentum by letting me know what you like, what you want to see more of and your helpful suggestions. If you enjoy it, share it and give us a thumbs up! I really appreciate everyone’s encouragement.

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