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The Peanuts Movie – review from a Peanuts fan

News of The Peanuts Movie broke around a year ago. It’s been a long, long wait for me. Why? I wanted to go into the theater with no pre-conceived notions and an open mind. Beyond the Peanuts characters transitioning from the 2-D comic page to 3-D animation, Peanuts animation has always been quite different from the comic strip I fell in love with. Would the new movie stick to the tradition of entertaining children before adults? Would it be able to convey some of the deeper emotions and life struggles that the comic strip was able to address? It would be a long year of avoiding articles, reviews and trailers before I finally was able to answer those questions. Now, I can finally share my “The Peanuts Movie” review.

The Peanuts Movie World Premier!

I was able to attend the movie on its world premier night at my local theater. We decided to forego the 3-D experience, but I plan to go back and watch the 3-D later. Overall, the movie was superbly done. I thank everyone involved in creating a film that Charles Schulz would be proud of. The animation style really captured the 2-D animation style that we’ve come to know in the previous TV specials and movies. The artwork paid close attention to giving the Peanuts world subtle textures and details that really make the world feel real, not just computer drawn and animated shapes. The voice actors did a wonderful job and their voices were just right for their parts.

Charlie Brown and Snoopy were the obvious choices for the focus of the Peanuts Movie. Both characters had their own plot, but they were wonderful mixed to create a good flow for the movie and keep the film upbeat. Snoopy followed his usual imaginary adventures through his inner worlds, while Charlie Brown focused on finding ways to find happiness in the real world. I don’t want to give away the plot!

The story is one told many times in Peanuts, but also in our own lives. Like the comic strip, it’s not about 8 year old kids, it’s about all of us. The honest and innocent world of the Peanuts characters is just a mirror to show how our complex adult problems aren’t that different from the life we navigated as children. That is where the success of the original comic strip came from, and where The Peanuts Movie will also find success.

From the strip to the screen

As a long-time fan of Peanuts, I really appreciated how true to the original strip The Peanuts Movie was, with taking enough liberties to make sure I was entertained. I enjoyed the little tributes to the past that were added. Did you see the moving van? The front and back covers of the comic book? If not, look for it when you see the movie again. If anyone has any other Easter eggs they saw, let me know.

The theater I was in had only eight people in it after eight o’clock on a Friday night. Not a huge crowd, but it spoke volumes. I don’t think 5 minutes passed without someone laughing at the Peanuts gang antics. My family all enjoyed it. Even my boyfriend liked it and he doesn’t know a lot about Peanuts (yet!) I also think this is the closest to romantic comedy I’ll ever get him to see. The Peanuts Movie was definitely worth the wait! Don’t miss seeing this one in theaters.

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