Snoopy Japanese Magazines

A trip with friends brought us to Mitsuwa Marketplace in Arlington Heights, Illinois (near Chicago). Imagine a medium grocery store filled with a variety of fresh produce and meats for Asian cooking, plus pantry and home goods from Japan. Plus, there’s a food court, a bookstore, a bakery, a chocolate shop and an arcade! Mitsuwa was buzzing with activity on the weekend we visited.

I scoured every aisle of the grocery store for Snoopy and his friends. I was able to find one item! Yamasa soy sauce. Not being a soy sauce fan, I decided to pass.

The Kinokuniya bookstore was my main go to that day. I was determined to find something Snoopy! I walked around and saw lots of anime and Sanrio characters including an entire section for Studio Ghibli. I finally came upon a Snoopy notebook, which was being used for testing the array of fancy pens for sale. Just when I thought I was out of luck, I saw it from across the room. There was Snoopy with Woodstock perched on his head. The Woodstock and Snoopy magazine I picked up was a mystery to me. As it seemed to come with a bag, I decided to give it a try. Nearby, I spotted a magazine with a small photo of a Snoopy watch. I took a chance that this extra thick magazine also housed a Snoopy trinket! Also in the store, I found a Peanuts Yoga book which was tempting, but I decided to stick to my two mystery packages.

Opening up my mystery magazines, I thankfully found the treasures inside that I had hoped to find. The Woodstock & Snoopy magazine was a joy to behold, even if I didn’t know the language. Inside the Muse Otona magazine were glimpses into the variety of products in Japan. I hope you enjoy the novelty of these magazines as much as I did!

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